Better homes

Our communities are designed specifically for renting.

Design isn’t just about how a building looks. It’s a mindset that puts our residents at the heart of every decision we make. Whether that’s by choosing locations with great connectivity and local atmosphere; building more meaningful spaces for residents to work from home; or fostering a genuine sense of community through events, our vertically integrated platform means we are able to operationalise every design decision.

Personalised customer experience with greater lifestyle flexibility.

Renting isn’t a static process. We know that people’s needs and aspirations change. We strive to give our residents the opportunity to grow within our communities – whatever life throws at them. Because we also operate the homes we build, we’re able to accommodate residents’ changing needs with a range of floorplans to empower them to make life’s big decisions.

Bigger, better spaces

We are giving back space to our residents.

Covid-19 has shown just how important a sense of space can be, inside and out. That’s why we focus on locations that maximise open and green space, offer spacious living arrangements, and enable smarter, more flexible amenities for everyone to enjoy.

Our homes are designed to foster shared experiences.

Rather than push up rents with expensive amenities that go unused, we focus on smarter space that can respond to our residents’ actual needs. We are all about building community in a secure, healthy urban environment.

Better, simpler service

We provide an easier, simpler and fairer rental experience for all of our residents.

Renting can be a stressful process. At Goodstone, sign-on fees, tenant deposits and useless landlords are a thing of the past. We are promising just one simple monthly bill, including furniture, appliances, and utilities – all set up before you arrive.

Goodstone provides the flexibility of renting with the security of home ownership.

We offer a simplified leasing process with flexible lease lengths to match every lifestyle. Goodstone is for renters only and we are all about creating a genuine hassle-free experience for our residents.